Some photos here from Blooming BIG Bush Bonfire Barbeque event!

We arrived around noon and soon the more adventurous of us were exploring the camp on Steve's trail bike.

Followed by Rocket model launch.

Flying fox was very popular with the boys & girls.

As with Archery! Soon many of us found out it's not as easy as it looks!

We briefly paused all activities to gather woods. Lots of them.

The official bonfire ligthing, BBBBBB way.

It was pretty cold but sunny (!) at times. Very pleasant sitting around the fire.

We BBQ'd our steak for dinner. 

The next day we went caving.

Very narrow cave, just look at that exit !

The BBBBBB was a fun memorable event. Thanks to Steve for organising this!

When's the next one??  Here's an email from Steve:

Many emails today asking for the next BBBBBB camp – likely to be in March (warmer!!) and on the beach (Phillip Island) and will email date when Phillip the Sandringham All Souls leader.

Don’t forget every Tuesday is BBBBBB night and next Tuesday night the 31st is a special one (Rod will be there, the owner of Camp McLaren so we can buy him a beer of three of thanks) starts at 6.30 at 48 Bay Rd Sandringham offering prayers for our communities needs and then moves onto Hobson’s Stores Sandringham (the pub) for tea  at about 7.15 (19 Melrose St Sandringham) then onto the man only club at the end of my street (Arthur and Bamfield St Sandringham)  The Sandringham Club at about 8.30pm for snooker, red wine etc - till late in the night...